Custom made, heirloom Memory Quilts.

Unique designs. Just for you.


After years of customers, family, and friends telling me to start a website, here it is. I hope you will enjoy reading the stories behind the custom memory quilts I make. No two are alike. Each is custom designed and made by me with your items, right here in Sussex County, NJ.

I’ll document each one so you can see the types of items I can use to make your quilt and what I consider when designing one.

How do we begin?

Customers will gather their loved one’s most meaningful items. You know, the silly shirts from that family vacation, the favorite sweatshirt, the faded college tee-shirt, their favorite BBQ apron, the hat they never took off. Together, we sort through them.

Gather your special items.

The photo below shows some of the items that will be transformed into a memory quilt for a grieving son. It includes memorable shirts, jackets, ties, and even pj’s that were his dad’s. The items are shown prepped but have a long way to go before they are a warm, comforting Very Special Quilt. This is one of four made for the adult children.

20140203_151444A collection of meaningful items that will become a warm and cozy, custom Memory Quilt.

More next time…thanks for reading!